Spring is closer than you think

I’m an optimist.

I like winter. At least most of the time. Still, it’s a challenge to endure a real Minnesota winter like the one we’ve had this season. Today is the 24th day at or below zero in the Twin Cities. That’s close to our 30-year average of 23 days.

If you could take one month out of circulation for me it would be November. I’ll take a cold, snow covered, blindingly sunny February day over a gray, dark, dreary, lifeless November fog any day. I can feel the energy of the longer days and increasing sun angle now. It’s much easier for me to get through late winter knowing spring is ever so close.

Spring is not here quite yet. But this week will renew your faith that it’s coming. Soon.

Valentine’s Day thaw

Let’s cut to the chase: 40s are looking likely for Wednesday afternoon. If you want to play golf, a seven hour drive to Kansas City, Mo., will do the trick Wednesday.

Forecast highs Wednesday via the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Temperature roller coaster

Ups and downs. Strikes and gutters. Our recently persistent cold gives way to milder Pacific air intrusions in the next two weeks. Again, I think the numbers below are conservative for Wednesday and Sunday. I think we’ll hit 40-plus in the Twin Cities both days.

I could see a 50 degree temp in southwestern Minnesota this week.

NOAA, via Weather Bell.

Spring pattern?

Take a look at the upper air forecast for the end of February. The deep upper low that has been parked over Canada’s Hudson Bay shifts north closer to the North Pole. If that verifies the door is wide open for more consistently milder Pacific air masses for Minnesota. Let the melt begin.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s’s Global Forecast System continues to hint at more days in the 30s and 40s as we move into late February.

NOAA, via Meteostar

Get out there and enjoy the last weeks of winter. And hang in there. Spring is closer than you think.

  • Bob H.

    Thinking it’s always the best of all possible worlds is fine, if that’s how you roll. Being a realist myself, I apprehend Minnesota winters as brutal and unenduringly long.

    • Gordon near Two Harbors

      Winters are generally far easier than they were even 30 years ago. Get adapted to the cold by playing outside regularly, and winter goes by pretty fast.