Snow and ice covered roads, wintry winds continue Tuesday

December’s first shot of real winter delivered.

Wind-driven snow blew sideways across Minnesota and here at the Weather Lab in the southwest metro last night. It’s a sobering reminder of just how wicked winter can be in Minnesota.

Snowfall totals

The heaviest snowfall totals came in from northwestern Minnesota near Roseau and Warroad where 9 to 11 inches fell.

  • 1 N Warroad [Roseau Co, MN] PUBLIC reports HEAVY SNOW of 9.00 INCH at 4 Dec, 7:30 PM CST — SNOW AMOUNT AS OF 730 PM.
  • 5 N Roosevelt [Roseau Co, MN] TRAINED SPOTTER reports HEAVY SNOW of 11.00 INCH at 4 Dec, 5:00 PM CST — LIGHT SNOW STILL FALLING AS OF 500 PM.

The Twin Cities and southern Minnesota picked up about 2 inches of wind-sculpted snow.

  • Winthrop [Sibley Co, MN] TRAINED SPOTTER reports SNOW of 2.00 INCH at 5:30 AM CST —
  • Minneapolis ST. Paul AI [Hennepin Co, MN] OFFICIAL NWS OBS reports SNOW of 2.10 INCH at 12:00 AM CST —
  • Chanhassen NWS [Carver Co, MN] OFFICIAL NWS OBS reports SNOW of 2.40 INCH at 12:00 AM CST —

Icy roads

That wicked mix of rain and snow congealed and flash froze on roadways last night. Roads are sketchy at best this morning across Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation reports roads are snow and ice covered.


As usual, ramps and bridges are in bad shape in some areas. An icy glaze reflects in pre-dawn headlights. Take it easy out there.

Dry and cold

The cold is here to stay this week. We dry out Tuesday under a frigid northwest wind.

A low December sun reflects off a fresh but thin wind-whipped snow cover. The frigid northwest flow pumps wintry air into the eastern half of the United States this week. Lake-effect snow bands pummel the leeward shores of the Great Lakes.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Wintry week

This wintry smack means business. We hover in the teens and 20s across Minnesota this week. That’s good news for outdoor winter enthusiast who want to build safer lake ice and get out on local ski areas and outdoor ice rinks.

Highs in the 30s by Sunday may actually feel surprisingly mild.

NOAA, via Weather Bell

Persistent cold

The upper-air pattern still suggests persistent wintry northwest flow the next two weeks.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 16-day Global Forecast System temperature guidance cranks out mostly sub-freezing temperatures.

NOAA, via Meteostar

It’s realistic to say winter began on the evening of Dec. 4 this season. Let’s see if it sticks around into early March this year.