Frozen tundra today, next clipper Wednesday

Welcome to the coldest day of the season so far in the Twin Cities. The mercury at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport dipped to 6 degrees this morning.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Today’s morning chill beats the 7 degrees we enjoyed on Dec. 7 making this the coldest morning of the year so far in the Twin Cities.

Edge of Arctic air

Minnesota rides the southern edge of a brief Arctic visit today. Looking for spring? Take a seven-hour drive to Lincoln, Neb., and bask in 50 degrees.


Wednesday clipper

Our next clipper sails south tonight into Wednesday. This one arrives just in time for … wait for it … Wednesday morning rush hour in the Twin Cities. NOAA’s NAM 12 km resolution model captures the low pressure and wintry mix heading southeast tomorrow morning.

NOAA via tropical tidbits.

Northern storm track again

The Twin Cities rides the southern edge of the snow zone once again. We’ll probably squeak out less than an inch of snow. But it could be just enough to mess up Wednesday’s AM commute. Heavier snowfall totals will accumulate in northeast Minnesota and especially Wisconsin.

NOAA NAM 12 km model snowfall forecast via tropical tidbits.

Edge of winter

Temperatures the next few days hover around the freezing mark in the Twin Cities. Monday looks like the mildest day.

Weather Bell

Arctic Christmas?

Temperatures look fairly stable through next week. There are some hits that a lobe of the Polar Vortex could bleed south around Christmas.


If that happens it could bring the first subzero temperatures of the season the the Twin Cities. Again, temperature guidance is better with trends than absolute values in week two.

NOAA GFS forecast temps for Minneapolis via Meteostar.

In northern Minnesota temperatures could approach minus 30 Christmas morning if the pattern verifies.

NOAA GFS forecast temps for International Falls via Meteostar.

Stay tuned.