Snow north this afternoon; deep freeze Thursday and Friday

Wednesday will be our thirteenth consecutive cold day, but no temperature records have been set.

Record-setting cold in November usually occurs when we have snow cover. Snow is very effective at radiating heat to space and makes our surface temperatures colder on clear, calm nights. What we have had going for us recently has been a succession of cold air masses from Canada to keep our temperatures well below normal.

A cold front from the northwest will keep that cold pattern active Wednesday. Expect high temperatures Wednesday afternoon just in the 20s across northern Minnesota. The central and southern parts of the state will see highs in the 30s to low 40s. The Twin Cities should have a high around 38 degrees with thickening clouds and light westerly winds.

Alberta clipper

Alberta clippers are fast-moving weather systems that come our way from the plains of Alberta in western Canada. Snowfalls from these systems generally do not exceed a few inches.

One of these Alberta clippers will spread and inch or two of snow southeastward across northern Minnesota Wednesday afternoon. Flurries or a light coating of snow should reach the Twin Cities area later in the evening. Snowfall should end in Minnesota during the night but continue across Wisconsin.

Forecast upcoming precipitation. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Prediction Center

Total snowfall amounts might look something like this:

Forecast snowfall amounts for Wednesday and Wednesday night. Twin Cities National Weather Service

Arctic reinforcements

The coldest air so far this season will arrive on Thursday and and linger through Friday. Low temperatures Thursday morning will be in the single digits in northern Minnesota and teens to low 20s in central and southern parts of the state. The Twin Cities should drop to about 18.

High temperatures Thursday afternoon will reach just the teens in the north and low to mid 20s in the south. The Twin Cities should have a high only around 24. Winds will be a bit gusty, also.

By Friday, the arctic air will be chilling a big part of the country from Minnesota to points well to our south and east.

Forecast surface weather map for Friday. NOAA Weather Prediction Center

Light precipitation to start the weekend

Areas of light snow are likely to spread across northern and central Minnesota from late Friday through Saturday. Around the Twin Cities area, the precipitation might fall as a little snow, rain or a mix on Saturday.

Warmer beginning on Monday

Milder air will arrive on Monday and treat us to near-normal or even warmer-than-normal temperatures for much of next week, especially across central and southern Minnesota where snow cover will continue to be absent.