Murky Seattle fog and drizzle

Welcome to London. With lefse. Fog and drizzle give way to rain showers tonight across Minnesota.

Our murky low pressure system slides thought tonight. Colder Canadian breezes scour out the clouds tomorrow. The pattern repeats by Friday, this time with a little snow on the back end.

NOAA GFS model through Friday via tropical tidbits.

Temperatures chill back into the 30s tomorrow, 40s return Friday.

NOAA via Weather Bell.

Models in seasonal flux

Numerical weather prediction models sometimes play catch up in fall and winter. A faster seasonal jet stream zips weather systems along more quickly now. Errors multiply faster. That means more significant model differences at times.

Next week the American and Canadian models hint at possible snow about Tuesday or Wednesday. The Euro is having none of that so far. Here’s last night’s 0Z Canadian GEM model run leading up to Thanksgiving next week.

Canadian GEM model via tropical tidbits.

Stay tuned.