50s possible on Tuesday; what is our snowiest month?

Saturday’s 44 degree reading was our warmest official Twin Cities high temp this November.

40s felt great, especially after afternoon temps in the 20s on Thursday and Friday!

Temperature trends 

Sunday afternoon highs are expected to be in the 30s across much of Minnesota, with some upper 20s in the northwest.

A few spots in southwestern Minnesota could reach the lower 40s.

Highs in the 4os are expected over southern and central Minnesota on Monday:

Northern Minnesota will see mostly 30s.

Tuesday will be our warmest day of the week, with highs in the lower 50s in about the southern half of Minnesota:

Northern Minnesota will top out in the 40s.

Twin Cities metro area highs are expected to be around 40 Wednesday through Friday.

Precipitation chances

Minnesota could see some areas of drizzle and scattered light rain showers Tuesday afternoon and evening, followed by a chance of rain/snow showers Tuesday night.

Several inches of snow could accumulate in parts of northern Minnesota on Friday:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model shows the potential precipitation pattern on Friday:

NOAA GFS model precipitation rate Friday and Friday evening, via tropicaltidbits

The color chart to the right of the loop refers to the rainfall or snowfall rate (mm per hour), not to the total amount of rain or snow.

The Twin Cities metro area could see a rain/snow mix Thursday night and Friday.

Check later forecasts if you have travel plans in northeastern Minnesota on Friday.

Snowiest month

Based on the 30 year average (1981-2010), our snowiest month of the year in the Twin Cities is January, with an average of 12.1 inches of snow:

Average Twin Cities monthly snow, courtesy Minnesota State Climatology Office

December is our second snowiest month, with an average snow total of 11.5 inches.

Climatological averages for snowfall are updated every 10 years, with the newest 10 years of data replacing the oldest ten years of data.

I looked at the past 10 snow seasons in the Twin Cities, and highlighted the snowiest month of each snow season:

Twin Cities monthly snow totals, courtesy of the Minnesota State Climatology Office

It’s very interesting that December was our snowiest month in six of the past ten snow seasons.

You might amaze your friends by telling them that April was the snowiest month of the 2012-2013 snow season in the Twin Cities!

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