Windy has arrived; colder is coming

A cold front slid eastward across Minnesota early on Monday. It will combine with another weather system to develop a powerful storm over the Great Lakes during the next 36 hours.

Winds wrapping into the backside of that storm will bring us an extended period of very strong winds from the northwest. Sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts in excess of 40 mph will be common across much of the area through Tuesday.

A large area of wind advisories has been posted from the North Shore and Duluth and Brainerd Lakes areas south into Iowa and east across all of Wisconsin. Times for individual advisories vary, but most in Minnesota will be in effect overnight and until 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

Most in Wisconsin will be active during the day on Tuesday. Occasional wind gusts to about 45 mph are likely in the advisory areas. The strongest winds in the Twin Cities area are likely after midnight tonight with gusts to around 40 mph in open areas.

Wind advisories for Minnesota tonight and Tuesday, and for Wisconsin on Tuesday. National Weather Service

Scattered sprinkles are possible tonight. Radar has been showing a few showers in northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin this afternoon.

Weather radar late this afternoon. Duluth National Weather Service

Blustery Tuesday

Northwest winds and much colder temperatures on Tuesday will get you digging into your closet for a heavier jacket and some gloves. Morning low temperatures are likely to range from around 30 in International Falls in the north to about 40 in Caledonia in the southeast corner. The Twin Cities low should be about 38.

High temperatures statewide will be in the 40s. The Twin Cities should hit about 48, but it will feel much colder thanks to that wind.

Wednesday gets a star

Wednesday will be the best day of the week. The Twin Cities will warm to about 60.

Another cold front

A cold front Wednesday night will set the stage for another blast of northwest wind on Thursday.

Look for periods of rain and snow Thursday, Thursday night and maybe into Friday. Northern Minnesota likely will see rain on Thursday changing to wet snow Thursday night. Accumulations should be light.

A rain/snow mix could fall farther south through east central Minnesota including the Twin Cities area.

November-like temperatures Friday and Saturday

High temperatures statewide should stay down in the 30s and Friday. The Twin Cities should reach just about 39. Saturday should be a few degrees warmer, but expect chilly temperature to hang around into next week.

Natural hazards in Minnesota

It certainly seems as though our severe weather season with the risk of high wind, hail and tornadoes extends right up to the wintry weather season with just a brief lull between them. Those winter storms and blizzards can be brutal. But winter ends eventually, the snow begins to melt, and the risk of spring flooding begins just ahead of the next severe weather season. And the circle continues.

But at least we need not worry about those oh-so-devastating hurricanes striking here. Imagery from Texas, Florida, St. Martin, Puerto Rico and elsewhere after hurricane landfalls recently were heartbreaking.

We also probably do not have to worry about earthquakes. Data from the U. S. Geological Survey indicate that Minnesota has about the lowest risk of dangerous earthquakes of any state.

Risk of earthquakes. U. S. Geological Survey