Sun today, weekend showers. Fall color peak approaches

The maple tree outside the Weather Lab screams fall this week.

Maple tree color burst in southwest metro. Paul Huttner | MPR News

Most of us will see the sun again Wednesday across Minnesota. Scattered showers return as we head toward the weekend.

Best days of the week

Wednesday and Thursday will be the sunniest days this week. Get out there and enjoy. Cooler temps in the 50s return this weekend.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast temps for Minneapolis-St. Paul, via Weather Bell

Weekend showers

The timing could be better. A few showers skate by Friday, but the more focused rains arrive late Saturday and linger into Sunday. A few renegade snowflakes may fly in northeast Minnesota Sunday.

NOAA Global Forecast System, via tropical tidbits

Milder again next week

The jet stream waffles overhead in the next two weeks. That should bring alternating cool shots and warm spells.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration picks up on the longer term trend for warmer than average temps overall as we move deeper into October.


More days in the 60s appear likely in the next one to two weeks. A shot at 70-degrees is not out of the question just yet.

NOAA GFS, via Meteostar

Fall color peak approaching

Fall colors are peaking in central Minnesota now. Colors are fast approaching the elusive peak in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
  • Philip A. Rutter

    For any of your readers who are muttering “I’ve NEVER seen a maple with those colors – they are likely correct. That one is a hybrid maple; maybe sugar maple crossed with red maple (which isn’t native here) – and selected specifically for amazing fall color. Probably by the U of Michigan. Our sugar, or hard, or rock maple (all the same) – never gets those colors; but ranges (gorgeously) from pure yellow, through a range of oranges, to occasional real reds; but – not whatever that is – fluorescent cerise – is just not on our normal menu