A more wine-friendly climate ahead for Minnesota?

On MPR’s Climate Cast we report on the good, the bad, and the ugly of climate change. So this week how about something a little on the sweeter side?

It turns out this year has been a good one for Minnesota wine growers. And Minnesota’s warming climate may actually be a benefit to wine growers long-term.

John Thull is the guru and researcher of all things wine at the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Research Center in Chanhassen. I started this week’s Climate Cast by asking John about some of the severe weather challenges growers faced this year.

  1. Listen Climate Cast: A good year for Minnesota wine grapes

    Oct. 19 2017

Data shows winter is warming faster than any other season in Minnesota. A climate Central analysis shows winters have warmed an average of 5.4 degrees in the Twin Cities since 1970.

We still get an old-fashioned winter now and then. But it’s happening more likely about every 3 to 4 years. That may not be good news for winter dependent business and events, but it could be a boost for Minnesota wine growers in the next 50 years.