Maria makes landfall: Strongest hurricane on record in Puerto Rico

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is one for the record books in many ways.

Hurricane Maria made landfall with 155 mph winds at 6:15 am EST this morning on the southeast tip of Puerto Rico. That makes Maria the strongest hurricane in Puerto Rico history.

Maria crosses Puerto Rico today. It’s always difficult to verify early Twitter reports, but this one seems credible to the type of conditions on the island today.

NOAA’s National Hurricane Center reported a gust to 137 mph on the western tip of St. Croix as Maria’s eastern eyewall brushed the western side of the island.

Maria’s path will take her into open waters again this week.


Mean season

Maria marks the unprecedented third category 4 hurricane landfall in the U.S. this year.

Most of the spaghetti guidance keeps Maria offshore from the east coast in the coming days. But a close call with Long Island is not out of the question.

Tropical tidbits

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