Maria eyewall devastates Dominica, U.S. islands next

Hurricane Maria trashed the island of Dominica overnight. Maria’s devastating eyewall raked the island twice in her trek northwest.


Dominica’s Prime Minister sent this harrowing Facebook update as the storm still raged.

Rapid intensification

Maria did something yesterday I haven’t seen before. She intensified from Category 1 with 90 mph winds to Category 5 with 160 mph winds in less than 24 hours. That kind of explosive intensification is rare if not unprecedented.

Maria wasted little time returning to 160 mph winds after her trip over Dominica.

U.S. territories next

Now the islands of St. Croix and Puerto Rico lay in Maria’s direct path.

The San Juan NWS isn’t pulling any punches in communicating Maria’s dire threat level.

Storms late tonight

Look for storms to fire in the Dakoats later today and roll east into Minnesota tonight. The best chance for storm in the Twin Cities arrives after midnight.

NOAA NAM 3 km model via tropical tidbits.

There is an elevated risk for severe storms in the Dakotas and western Minnesota. Storms will tend to fade as they move through Minnesota in the overnight hours.

I can’t rule out a few September tornadoes today centered on the eastern Dakotas.

A shot at 90 Friday

Summer rolls back in Thursday and Friday. Temps may push 90 with humidity Friday.

NOAA via Weather Bell

Heavy rain threat this weekend

This weekend looks warm and thundery. A slow moving front will trigger T-Storms that could roll over the same ground. Heavy rainfall totals are possible.

Stay tuned.


  • Dave

    I’ll believe all this rain when I see it. NWS’s forecasts lately have been pretty brutal.