Eclipse 2017: Highlights and meteorological effects

As advertised

Total Eclipse 2017 went off as advertised across the USA today.

The images and video from the totality zone are amazing. Here in Minnesota, a few timely breaks in the cloud deck offered a fleeting glimpse of the eclipse. Here’s the view from the Twin Cities near the time of peak eclipse when 83% of the sun was eclipsed by the moon.

Meteorological effects

The eclipse was visible on NOAA satellite images and produced some interesting meteorological effects. Watch the eclipse shadow roll across the USA on this NOAA GOES-16 loop.

Eclipse Effect: Disappearing clouds

The temporary lack of solar heating wipes out the thermals and the cumulus cloud field across the southeast USA.

Here’s a before and after comparison from South Carolina. Note the clear skies over Columbia, SC after the eclipse.

Crescent shaped shadows.

And here’s the sound of eclipse euphoria during totality in Idaho.

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