Fujiwhara effect: Super Typhoon Noru explodes

Earth’s strongest storm so far in 2017 may be a threat to Japan by next weekend.

Super Typhoon Noru showed explosive development into a Category 5 storm over the weekend. Noru rapidly deepened  into the first Category 5 storm on earth in 2017. “Super typhoon” status is achieved when a storm’s winds reach 150 mph.

Noru’s winds increased 90 mph in about 18 hours. That’s stunningly rapid intensification for a tropical system.

The images coming in from Noru are stunning.

The storm symmetry is awesome from space.

Check out the ye at sunrise via rapid-scan imagery.

Fujiwhara effect

Noru’s rapid intensification is partially due to what’s known as the Fujiwhara effect. When two storms spin around each other, one can absorb the energy of the second.

Noru’s track is still uncertain, but many models suggest Noru will likely approach southern Japan by next weekend.

Noru may make more news in the days ahead.