Storms fade overnight; Chetek tornado rated EF-2

Most of Minnesota got off lucky today.

Our latest low pressure storm is cranking out widespread rain and thunder.

Heavy downpours in the Twin Cities this evening prompted this flash flood warning for the northern Twin Cities until 10:15 pm.

Thankfully today’s tornado watch appears to have yielded relatively few tornado reports in Minnesota. There were some isolated tornado reports in southern Minnesota. This brief rope-like tornado was captured on video near Plainview.

Another twister is reported near Sklyline southwest of Mankato. No damage reported.

Chetek tornado rated EF-2

The Twin Cities NWS survey teams rated Monday’s Barron County tornado an EF-2 with winds between 120-130 mph.

Twin Cities NWS

Warning success story, action tragedy

As I wrote Tuesday morning, there was as much as 30 to 55 minutes tornado warning lead-time for residents to take cover. A tornado watch was issued 95 minutes before the twister struck.

This was a success story for the Twin Cities NWS in terms of warning lead-time. The unfortunate part is, some did not get or heed the warnings. A mobile home park is no match for an EF-2 tornado. Residents who did not evacuate or take cover in an underground or sturdier shelter we at the mercy of the tornado when it struck.

Storms fade overnight

Storms gradually fade as the low pressure system pulls off to the east Thursday. We catch a break on rain Thursday, before the next low pressure wave brings more showers Friday into Saturday. Sunday looks like the sunnier day this weekend.

NOAA GFS via tropical tidbits.

We “enjoy” cooler temps into the 50s into Saturday. Milder weather returns as we head into next week.

NOAA temps via Weather Bell.

Stay tuned.