Next rain Wednesday; Tornado drill Thursday

Weather systems are racing toward Minnesota lately like planes landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. A fast moving jet stream overhead delivers one more low-pressure storm Wednesday into Thursday. Then we enjoy a break just in time for the weekend.

In weather as in life, timing is everything.

Rainy day in Duluth. Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center webcam

Up north soaker

Talk about raw and wet. Central and northern Minnesota endured a chilly soaker with over an inch of rain in many back yards. The forests are happy about that. Not sure about the natives.

Here’s a list of impressive rainfall totals from the Duluth National Weather Service office.

Duluth NWS

Next low rides in

I feel a little like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.” The maps look the same every day I when wake up. At least I don’t hear “I Got You Babe” when the alarm goes of every morning. “Singin’ in the Rain” might be more appropriate.

Watch the next low-pressure wave shove more rain this way Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Global Forecast System, via tropical tidbits

Another soaker

The wettest hours?  Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday night, into early Thursday. Another inch of rain falls for many of us by lunchtime Thursday.

NOAA North American Mesoscale Forecast System model rainfall output, via tropical tidbits

Nice weekend ahead

If our mid-week weather rates a 2 out of 10, the weekend looks like a 9. Minnesota rides a narrow but well placed col between storms north and south this weekend. Weak high pressure brings mostly sunny skies and light winds.

Canadian GEM model Friday through Sunday, via tropical tidbits

Temperatures runs fairly close to average this weekend. That means highs in the 60s, and lows in the 40s. Ideal, almost perfectly average, early spring weather in my book.

Canadian GEM model 2-meter temps, via tropical tidbits

Severe weather awareness week continues

I know, we should have had it in early March this year right?

Multiple ‘safety nets’

I always preach “multiple safety nets” and situational awareness” in severe weather. Have multiple options to get your severe weather warnings. Most smart phones now automatically fire off a warning via EMS.

The NOAA Weather Radio is still one of the best tools in your home or at the cabin. The tone alert is programmable by county. It may alarm and annoy you as storm approach, but it could wake you and save your life in the middle of the night. Hey if it’s good enough for Mark Trail, I’m down with that.


In your summer travels, keep track of what county you’re in if severe weather is possible.

Tornado drill Thursday

The sirens will sound Thursday in the annual statewide tornado drill.


Sirens: An outdoor warning system

It always amazes me when (some) people wait until the sirens go off before taking action. Sirens are an outdoor warning system. Think of them as a last resort. There are so many way to stay ahead of severe weather now, you should already be in your safe place well before the sirens wail.

Sirens are not triggered by the NWS. The are operated by your local city or county in coordination with NWS and other sources.

Twin Cities NWS

Stay safe Minnesota.