The war on climate science hits a new level

The’re a lot of climate related news breaking this week. Much of it is deeply concerning to the climate scientists I talk with on a weekly basis.

Here’s a quick summary and links to some of the rapidly breaking stories I’m following this week.

Climate science research eliminated under Trump budget proposal

The analysis here is one of deep concern from the climate scientists I talk with. Job losses could be massive under this budget proposal.

Renewable energy projects under attack.

The real fight begins in congress now. The political reality of climate research? Many republican representatives have extensive climate science research projects in their districts. Some house republicans are already signaling resistance to proposed cuts.

Auto mileage standards under review

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World is in big trouble

Reefs dying much faster than expected

Fire seasons getting longer

Minnesota among the nation’s leaders in wind energy

Ironically, renewables are gaining as a percentage of overall energy production.

Forbes: 50 year old climate model nailed prediction for today’s climate

The truth is climate models are even more accurate than short term weather forecast models at predicting earth’s overall long term temperatures. In fact, one model created 50 years ago nailed where earth’s climate is today. This is why many are so concerned about what future climate models are showing.

  • Philip A. Rutter

    Yeah, it’s depressing. Two things to take heart with- A) No other country in the world is currently this stupid. They will continue to work on climate research and mitigation. B) The political pendulum ALWAYS swings- and it will again. Oh, and maybe 3; C) This administration is so corrupt (government for the billionaires, by the billionaires) and so purely inept (making an unregistered foreign agent head of security?!?) – there is really a good chance they will shoot themselves in the foot – lethally- pretty soon.

  • Kim Hislop

    Paul, I am so sorry that your Climate Cast program has been reduced to so few minutes. Was this a financial decision by MPR or was this a political decision by station sponsors?

    • MPR Weather

      The reason for the move is a result of other program changes in the 10 am hour that affected Climate Cast. Climate Cast was moved to fit within All Things Considered during the afternoon. That means it is shorter to fit within the program slot of ATC, but also a much higher audience at that hour. We are working on support to make Climate Cast a stand alone hour weekly program in the future, so stay tuned on that. -Paul

      • Kim Hislop

        Thank you for your speedy response, Paul. I will keep my fingers crossed that Climate Cast can be a stand alone hour long weekly program! It is a gem, that’s for sure.