April in February; rain on Monday

I predict that outdoor dining will return to many Minnesota cafes and restaurants this afternoon.

If we’re going to have April-like warmth, we might as well act like it’s April, right?

Record warmth

Much of southern Minnesota will see highs of 60 degrees or warmer this afternoon. A few spots in central Minnesota, including St. Cloud, could also touch 60 degrees.

St. Cloud has never recorded a 60 degree temperature in February.

Many locations in the Twin Cities metro area will hit 60 degrees this afternoon, and some spots in the metro area could warm into the lower 60s.

According to the National Weather Service, we’ve only reached 60 degrees or warmer four times in the Twin Cities since weather records began in 1873:

NWS Twin Cities

The record high for today is 55 in the Twin Cities, and 54 in St. Cloud.

Our average high temperature in the Twin Cities doesn’t hit 60 degrees until April 19th!

Warm weekend

The jet stream has shifted northward into Canada, and it shows no signs of moving back to the south.

The jet stream position will allow warm temperatures to linger over Minnesota this weekend and into early next week.

Highs Saturday will be in the 50s over most of Minnesota, with some 40s north:

On Sunday, some 60s return to southwestern Minnesota:

Parts of northern Minnesota will see highs in the 40s on Sunday.

Our average high this time of year is only 30 degrees in the Twin Cities!

Southern California rains

Moisture is streaming toward southern California, and they’re bracing for some heavy rains:

Several inches of rain are expected in many areas, with heavy snow in the mountains:

NWS Los Angeles

Los Angeles County is included in a flash flood watch today through Saturday morning.

Wet Monday

Periods of rain are likely on President’s Day next Monday.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model shows the rain:

NOAA GFS model precipitation Monday, via tropicaltidbits

We could even see an isolated thunderstorm.

Snow chance next Friday

There’s still some good snow cover over northern Minnesota, according to the Minnesota State Climatology Office:

State Climatology Office/Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Some of that snow will melt in the next few days, and snow-lovers are searching for our next chance of flakes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model still shows that we could see some snow toward the end of next week:

NOAA GFS model precipitation from Thurs. evening Feb. 23 through noon Sat. Feb. 25, via tropicaltidbits

The green and purple shades indicate that southern Minnesota could see a wintry mix that changes to all snow. Central and northern Minnesota would tend to get all snow if the track of the low pressure system is accurate.

We’ll see how the models change as we get closer to next Friday and Saturday, but at least there’s the possibility of snow!

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