Mixed rain and snow today, true winter arrives next week

Today is one of those days where the weather can’t make up her mind. Look for a mix of drizzle and wet snowflakes around Minnesota.

Sloppy snowflakes fly in MnDOT cam on Minnesota Highway 5 in the southwest metro.

Low pressure swirls over the Twin Cities Wednesday on its trek east. A mix of drizzle and snow showers lingers as the low pulls east.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Global Forecast System  model, via tropicaltidbits.com

Our average high today in the Twin Cities is 33 degrees. Temps are cooler as we open December tomorrow, but still several degrees above average as we kick off meteorological winter.

Edge of heavy snow next week?

I’m still watching trends on an inbound low-pressure storm next week. The overnight model runs have shifted the system track farther south and east. That would lay the heaviest snow bands out along a Des Moines, Iowa-La Crosse, Wis.-Tomah, Wis., line, with the Twin Cities riding the edge of the snowfall shield.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model brings one low through Tuesday with a rain snow mix, then watch the bigger system track toward Chicago Wednesday and Thursday.

NOAA GFS model via tropicaltidbits.com

It’s way too early to put faith in this snowfall map, but I show this to give a general idea of what the heaviest snow band might look like next week. Precise layout of this band and subsequent snowfall totals will likely change several times in the next week.

NOAA GFS model snowfall output via tropicaltidbits.com

Stay tuned.

MPR daily weather texts to continue

Thanks to those of you who gave us feedback on just how much you appreciate the daily weather forecast texts we’ve been pushing out to your mobile devices for the past several years.

I’m happy to report we hear you. We’ll be continuing the daily text under a new service platform with higher capability. Please hang with us while we make the transition the next few days.

Details here.

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