Warm and humid air mass spawning some thundershowers

It doesn’t take much energy aloft to spin up showers and thunderstorms in this sultry air mass. I can’t rule out scattered late afternoon and evening thundershower close to the Twin Cities metro area.

The visible satellite image showed a thickening cloud cover advancing over central Minnesota with embedded showers and thundershowers.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/College of DuPage

This screen capture of the radar returns was taken at 1:17 p.m.


Thunderstorms are most likely later in the day on Saturday and Sunday. An approaching cold front is expected to trigger more a more widespread rain event on Sunday.

Precipitation potential Saturday night and Sunday. NOAA Weather Prediction Center

Early this afternoon, temperatures were generally in the upper 70s to middle 80s with dew points in the 60s to middle 70s. Temperatures at 1 p.m. ranged from 90 degrees in western Minnesota at Montevideo to 64 at Duluth Harbor.

Lower dew  points and more seasonal temperatures arrive on Labor Day.