Smoky skies: Canadian fires smoke plumes overhead

The Land of Sky Blue Waters is tinted white today.

A massive smoke plume sliding south from Canada has drifted over Minnesota and the northern tier of states today. Hundreds of wildfires are burning in western Canada, and the smoke plume is extensive.

Meldrum Creek Complex Fire.  British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range

The upper wind flow has been favorable for smoke to drift south into the US this week. Here’s a look at the coverage on the advancing plume from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s smoke mapper.


You can see the smoky smudges streaming across Minnesota on NASA’s GOES 1 km visible satellite shots this morning.

College of DuPage

As we enjoy the warmer weather the next few days, we’ll see some potentially vivid reddish sunsets from the smoke plume overhead.

Temps and dew points remain comfy into the weekend. You’ll notice the heat and humidity building to tropical levels with dew points hitting 70 degrees early next week.

  • Jeff

    Wondering why we don’t smell it. Is it too high up? Is it affecting our air quality?