April ‘snow bomb’ hammers north metro with up to 17″; better weather ahead

Imagine hearing this on your favorite radio or TV station.

Your local weatherman issues a snowfall forecast for the Twin Cities ranging from a coating — to 17 inches.

That’s precisely how big the snowfall range was across the metro late Wednesday night as our latest weather system brought steady (welcome?) soaking rains to the south metro, and Snowmageddon to the north.

Here are just some of the stunning totals that reached from the north metro right into the 494/694 loop.

  • Nowthen [Anoka Co, MN] PUBLIC reports SNOW of 17.00 INCH at 10:24 PM CDT —
  • East Bethel [Anoka Co, MN] PUBLIC reports HEAVY SNOW of 13.80 INCH at 10:46 PM CDT —
  • 1 NW Rogers [Hennepin Co, MN] TRAINED SPOTTER reports SNOW of 12.70 INCH at 8:00 PM CDT —
  • Dayton [Hennepin Co, MN] PUBLIC reports SNOW of 11.00 INCH at 9:24 PM CDT —
  • Coon Rapids [Anoka Co, MN] TRAINED SPOTTER reports SNOW of 9.00 INCH at 9:27 PM CDT —
  • Medicine Lake [Hennepin Co, MN] PUBLIC reports SNOW of 6.50 INCH at 8:54 PM CDT —
  • NEW Hope [Hennepin Co, MN] CO-OP OBSERVER reports SNOW of 5.10 INCH at 9:00 PM CDT —
Snowfall totals late Wednesday evening Twin Cities National Weather Service

Here’s a closer look at the incredible range in snowfall totals across the metro from next to nothing in the south to more than a cool foot in the north. Again the totals are still coming in and may rise even further by Thursday morning.

Snowfall totals late Wednesday evening Twin Cities NWS

Thanks to MPR Weather Spy Matthew Tilstra for passing along this photo confirming the Rogers Snowmageddon.

Matthew Tilstra

I had friends and family from all over MN call to say they heard on MPR that Rogers had a foot of snow, so I went outside to check.  I measured 12.7 inches at 8:42pm tonight, and it is still snowing lightly.  We live in the northwest corner of Rogers, MN in Hennepin County. — Matt

Here is the latest snowfall total summary from the Twin Cities NWS.

Many metro roads will remain a mess overnight. Stating the obvious, expect slick roads Thursday morning rush hour especially in the northern and western half of the metro.

I-394 at Co. Road 73 Minnesota Department of Transportation

Now for the good news

Thursday dawns slippery and cold, but the forecast calls for brighter and much warmer days ahead. Temps rise through the 50s this weekend with some Saturday showers, then soar into the 60s to near 70 next week.


Mercifully, our wintry nightmare will turn into an infinitely more pleasant weather daydream in the next few days.