Mega Blizzard rages, 2014 Minnesota tornado season opens in March

The crazy weather year of 2014 just got crazier.

A major Mega Blizzard rages into early Tuesday from the Dakotas into the Red River Valley and northwest Minnesota. The same system has produced the first tornadoes of the year in Minnesota, in March.


The culprit? A wrapped up, wound up major late winter/early spring storm. The system showed a classic comma shaped signature from space, and was producing both tornadoes and a blizzard at the same time.

Image: NOAA via College of Dupage

This cool wind map shows the impressive circulation around the low pressure center as it worked into southwest Minnesota.

Last year the first tornado touched down in May. Two years ago it was March 19th.

Blizzard rages north

The Grand Forks NWS reported thundersnow with zero visibility and snowfall totals over 10 inches in many areas, and as much as 20 inches possible by early Tuesday.

Grand Forks NWS

Get the latest totals and conditions from the Grand Forks NWS.

Blizzard conditions near Grand Forks. NDOT

Quiet mid-week. Next storm Thursday?

We get a colder but nice respite the next 48 hours. The next storm winds up Thursday and Friday, and could bring more snow to Minnesota. This one seems to be tracking further south. It’s too early to credibly say where the heavy snow bands will fall. The Euro suggests the metro could get whacked. The GFS keeps the storm further south.





  • Stephan

    What is interesting, which I have not seen discussed / shown anywhere is that when I looked at the image of the storm on a national looping satellite map was that it looks like a weak spinning hurricane over land. And the Twin Cities is right over the eye of it during the evening. What I am curious about is how frequently do storms over land look like this? Is it a common design for them? .

  • John O.

    The amazing part of watching this on radar was the snow roughly 20 miles away to the west and southwest from a reported tornado. Pretty dramatic.