The end of ‘sub-zero winter’ as we know it in sight?

Light at the end of the (long winter) tunnel?

This is one of those forecasts I am leery about writing. We learn to trust the models when they are consistent, telling us the same weather story for several consecutive days, across multiple model platforms. When that happens, the forecast usually verifies.

Still, when the models are screaming that a major pattern change may bring the end of any sustained sub-zero winter nights after this winter, it’s hard to go all in. Caveats and disclosures out of the way, this looks like the real deal.

Yes, there are still cold fronts in our short term weather future, and  potentially major snow dumps lurking in the rest of February and March. (Hopefully not in April and May this year?) But I really think the worst of winter’s cold is behind us after this week. Especially the persistent sub-zero stuff.

Weather fingers crossed on this one.

  • -30 degrees Think it’s been cold in the metro? Embarrass, Minn., weather observer Roland Fowler has recorded -30 or colder on 26 days this winter, according to University of Minnesota professor Mark Seeley.

Crawling out of the deep freeze

We endure one more sub-zero morning Tuesday, as a freshening southerly breeze will eventually bring milder air. But first that breeze will deliver another morning of sub-zero wind chills until the warm air arrives Wednesday.

The coldest morning for the rest of the winter season in Minnesota? Very possibly.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Temps head in the right direction for many Minnesotans Wednesday and Thursday. I may have to issue a Blue Juice Alert by Thursday afternoon. Washing your car without the locks freezing? Priceless.


Winter on the run? Major pattern change ahead may bring 40s next week

Let’s cut to the chase. The jet stream is about to shift from the persistent northwest flow of the past two months, and howl in from the Pacific. That means a transfusion of mild Pacific and Gulf of Mexico air masses streaming into Minnesota the next two weeks.


Here’s the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Forecast System model, which cranks out 40s later next week and no sub-zero temps. What a concept.

IPS Meteostar

Stay tuned!