Tracking the Arctic invasion

Here we go.

The  first waves of our well advertised advancing cold wave is here. This one may leave a mark on the record books, and Minnesota’s winter weather psyche. This will probably be the coldest shot of air of winter, and may be the coldest in 17 years in the Twin Cities.

A northwest wind in Minnesota in January usually brings a bite. This air mass is coming straight out of the Arctic Circle folks. You can track the source region for this air mass all the way north — until you can’t go north anymore.


Here’s a closer look at our northwest surface flow pouring south form the Canadian Prairie. I’ve laid midday temps over the top as we begin to pull sub-zero air down over a clear Minnesota arctic sky.

Image: College of DuPage

There’s no doubt about the magnitude of the incoming cold wave. Daytime temps colder than -20 north of Lake Winnipeg? Priceless.

Image: University of Illinois

Temps fall below zero Saturday evening, and stay there until Wednesday morning. Give or take, we should see about 88 hours of sub-zero air in the metro.

Image: Weatherspark

The worst of the cold comes Monday morning. Temps should bottom out between -23 and -28 in the inner metro urban core. Temps of -30 in your favorite suburb and all places north of the metro is on the menu.

Image: NOAA

Record cold high near -15 Monday?

This may be the biggest story of the upcoming cold wave. The record for the coldest ‘maximum’ temperature on Monday is -14 set way back in 1909. There’s a decent chance we may not even get that warm Monday. Here’s a look at forecast highs Monday as the core of the arctic cold dome passes directly overhead.

Image: NOAA

Wind chill levels may reach -50 to -60 Sunday night and Monday as the core of arctic air slides through.

Image: NOAA

 Much milder by next weekend

Don’t like the weather in Minnesota? Just wait 15 minutes. Or in this case a few days. Temps will begin to moderate by mid-week, and we gradually crawl our way into the 20s by Friday and possibly the by next weekend.

Image: Weatherspark

Hunker down and hang in there. Milder days are just a week away!

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    Where’s Al Gore?

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      To all climate change deniers; please keep making this simple minded and uninformed argument. It’s hilarious and never gets old!

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        To all climate hoax tinfoil hat wearers: Please keep drinking the Koolaid because making fun of you is endless fodder and never gets old!

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          So you make fun of people for being concerned about the Earth? What if you are wrong?

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            There is no one more concerned about the earth’s habitability than me. However, basing laws and policies on knee-jerk, unsubstantiated junk science and hysterical “what if” proclamations is absurd and it needs to be mocked and called out for what it is: An Attempt to change human behavior based on dogmatic adherence an ideology of intolerance for the actions and lifestyles of others.

          • Tom Burnett

            Were you trained as a climatologist? Do you work as a climate researcher? Care to share some of your peer-reviewed work? Do you also post on boards disputing research by particle physicists, organic chemists, geneticists, cosmologists, etc., calling their papers “unsubstantiated junk science?”

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