Decent weekend, December preview next week, Mid-November 50s?

You’ll have to pick your spots this weekend, but overall it looks pretty decent for November. If you’re lucky those leafy leftovers will sail into your neighbors yard Saturday.

Saturday features a brisk northwest wind, Sunday could be downright pleasant. Next week? Do I still even own a parka?

Image: Twin Cities NWS

After 40s this weekend, a strong December like cold front will have Minnesota’s weather gurus babbling about wind chill again for the first time in months. Here’s the Euro model look at next week.

Image: Euro via Weatherspark

The good news? Temps will moderate late next week.

In fact NOAA’s GFS is still cranking out southerly winds and temps in the 40s and even a shot at 50s around November 18th.

Image: NOAA via IPS Meteostar

We may get one more shot at a brief Indian Summer,  or at least ‘Indian Spring’ this fall. And you may get one more shot to get the last leaves up without donning the parka.

Stay tuned.