Drought denting rains adding up, weekend frost and flake potential?

Our October soaker has produced some impressive rainfall totals.

A solid inch of rain has fallen in the metro and most of central and southern Minnesota. The heaviest bands with Rainfall totals of 2  to 3 inches favored western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. So far Wheaton takes the cake in Minnesota with 2.53 inches.

Here are some rainfall totals from the past 24 hours.

Image: NOAA

A closer look at the Twin Cities show Minnetonka soaked up the most rainfall with 1.67 inches in the west metro community.

Image: NOAA

The storm continues to produce scattered rainfall today, but the rain will not be as heavy and steady as the bands we saw overnight. Radar Tuesday morning shows the heaviest showers favoring Wisconsin and central Minnesota. The will be the trend for much of today.

Image: Iowa Emergency Management

The center of this wrapped up fall low pressure storm is clearly visible just southwest of the Twin Cities on the wind map today.

Image: http://hint.fm/wind/

Winds gusted to 31 mph overnight at MSP Airport. Ironically, winds will ease near the center of these low pressure systems. Southern Minnesota will see lighter winds as the storm center passes overhead today.

Black Hills snow

It could be worse, it could be snowing. For the 3rd time this month, The Black Hills is picking up significant snowfall. Deadwood has 7 inches and counting. Here’s the scene along I-90 at Spearfish this morning.

Image: South Dakota Department of Transportation

Twin Cities frost threat this weekend

Cold air settles in behind today’s weather system. Scattered frost in the inner metro is likely this weekend. Here’s the Novemberish temp outlook from NOAA’s GFS model.

Image: NOAA via Weatherspark

With enough cold air around and some weak upper air disturbances spinning around low pressure, I can’t rule out a stray snow flurry or two in the metro and much of Minnesota this weekend.

Did I really just type the word “snow” for the first time in almost 6 months for the metro?

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