Chilly, but mainly dry weather for the week

We have entered that time of the season when a forecast of  mercury topping out near 50 degrees  is considered a “warm-up.”

Monday’s high temperatures were 10 to 18 degrees below the normal high. Maximum temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s are likely the rest of the work week.  The 30-year average maximum temperature for St. Cloud for today is 55 degrees.

The maximum temperature at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was only 40 degrees. That’s the normal high for Nov. 17.

Click on image to enlarge. Surface weather map for 6 a.m. Temperatures indicated in red. (Image:Iowa Environmental Mesonet)

The weather across the nation is on the quiet side today.  A band of light snow is forecast to move through Iowa this morning.

CONUS weather map valid at 1 p.m. (Source: NOAA/National Weather Service)

A closer look at the forecast comes from the La Crosse, Wis., National Weather Service Office.

LsCrosse Graphic

Light rain is likely for southern Iowa.

The infrared satellite image this morning showed the enhanced clouds (the coldest cold tops) as the blue shaded color.

(Image: NOAA and

The radar depicted only a few light areas of light snow in southwest Minnesota at 6 a.m.

Image from 6 a.m. (Source:

A moderation of temperatures is seen for Friday and Saturday. There is a significant feel to temperatures in the 40s if you are immersed in sunshine. You may find temperatures in the 40s with sunshine OK.

High temperature forecast for Saturday

The daytime maximum temperatures are typically reached around 2 p.m. this time of year.

Heading into next week, the weather pattern may be a little more active when it comes to precipitation.