Warm Wednesday but less humid; cooler weekend ahead

Gentle Cool Front

Early September cool fronts can be the best kind. Nice and gentle. No window rattling gusts and rapid temp plunges like the fronts to come in the next few months. Just freshen the air up a bit, and maintain pleasant temps.


Our weather the next 48 hours is idea for human comfort. Later this week we slip into a cooler more fall like pattern. Sweatshirts at the bus stop Friday morning?

After a cool weekend, summer returns next week. More 80s ahead, and no signs of a killing frost in September just yet. Good news for farmers who got a late start planting this spring.

Image: NWS La Crosse

Gradually Less Humid

Our cool front is a slow mover. Temps ran about 10-15 degrees cooler in Minnesota Tuesday, but dew points have been slow to budge out of the mid 60s. You could still feel Mr. Muggy hanging around a bit. Dew points will gradually ease into early Wednesday as the front edges east.

Image: NOAA via College of Dupage

The bigger picture shows the center of a more fall like high pressure cell to the west. When it arrives Thursday, dew points will plunge into the 40s and you’ll feel the difference.

Image: NOAA via College of Dupage

The longer range forecast calls for cool this weekend — with summer returning next week.

Image: Euro data via Weatherspark