Summery Friday, blustery Saturday ahead

Our late summer weather pattern lingers into Friday in most of Minnesota.

The 80s arrived as advertised Thursday. The 82 degree temperatures at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have us at the warmest day in two weeks, since we hit 86 on Sept. 11. Temperatures approached 90 in southwest Minnesota.

Image: NOAA via University of Illinois

Friday the thermal ridge, or band of warmest temperatures, sets up shop over eastern Minnesota. That’s where the warmest temperatures will be as colder air cuts in behind a cool front to the west.

Image: NOAA

Fall like Saturday!

Here’s a heads up for Saturday. The cold front brings our blissfully mild summer weather to a halt. Saturday will feature showers — and a colder west wind kicks in by Saturday afternoon.

Image: NOAA

Heading to the Gophers football game? Dress for October, and bring some rain gear. A 100 percent chance of rain? Probably.

Image: NOAA

The front may stall in western Minnesota Friday and Friday evening. That should focus the heaviest rainfall totals out west, and a narrow band of 1-inch to 2-inch rainfall totals should set up in northwest Minnesota and the Red River Valley. Rainfall amounts between one fourth of an inch and half an inch appear more likely for the Twin Cities.

Image: NOAA

Pick of the weekend? Sunday

Sunday looks like the sunnier nicer day this weekend without question. Look for a return to sunshine and lighter southwest winds. Temperatures should push into the low 70s by afternoon.

Image: Euro data via Weatherspark

Next week looks fairly mild to open October. No sign of a killing frost just yet. Stay tuned.