Summer on a stick? A shot at 90 degrees on State Fair opening day; Perseid sky show peaks Monday night

Good Timing?

I’ve always wondered what would actually happen if we could actually control the weather.

Would there be a democratic process for how much rain, sun and how warm or cold? Sunny weekends with rain only allowed at night?  Vote for a mild winter this year? A landslide for a hot steamy 4th of July? Corporations and lobbyists for farm weather and vacation hot spots?

What could possibly go wrong with that scenario? It might make current goings on in politics look like kid stuff.

I’m thankful science hasn’t progressed that far.

This weekend’s weather might be what the future would look like if we could draw it up. A fair amount of sun early Saturday and later Sunday…with rain chances sliding just south of the metro Saturday night and Sunday morning. That would be good timing.

Now if we could just get some summer heat back in time for the State Fair? Oh wait…is that 90 degrees I see the GFS trotting out for opening day? Just in time for the lemonade stands and snow cone vendors?

Also in the blog today why the next few nights may be great for catching some of the annual Perseid Meteor Showers.

531 wxss

Weekend forecast: “Mostly nice”

We’ve had a pretty good run of weather luck on weekends lately. This one looks pretty good too…maybe a 7 on a scale of 1-10.

A low pressure wave rippled through Saturday night, kicking off a batch of showers and a few thunderstorms into early Sunday AM that favoringr southern Minnesota and the I-90 corridor.

Image: NOAA model output via Iowa State University

If the timing works out right…the metro will be dry…best chance for a soaking rain is along the I-90 corridor early Sunday AM.

Image: NOAA

Sky Show: Perseids peak Monday night

Perseid meteors shower “fireballs” may be active this weekend. Image: NASA

This could be a good year for the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. The Perseids produce the best show of the year…and could dazzle with a high number of “fireballs” according to NASA.

Best places to look are away from city lights. You may see as many as 50-60 per hour or more….favoring the northeast sky. Friday. Sunday and Monday nights looks like the best viewing conditions…with numerous clouds/rain Saturday night.

Here’s are the details from NASA.


Summer on a stick: A shot at 90 by State Fair opening day?

79 fair

Next weekend…and the week leading up to the Minnesota State Fair looks warmer. The jet stream shows signs of shifting to the north and east…and the bubble of hot summertime air that has been baking the western US may finally nudge into Minnesota.


A string of upper 80s looks likely in the days leading up the the Fair…and the GFS is cranking out 90 degrees on opening day at this point.

Image: NOAA GFS model temp output via IPS Meteostar

It’s too early to be sure…but signs look good for a summery run up to the Fair. If this summer’s track record hold to form…the heat won’t last and we’ll probably see some cooler puffs of air during the Fair’s 12 day run. NOAA’s CPC 14 day outlook finally returns temps to near average…with heat moving closer to Minnesota.

Image: NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Stay tuned!