Third round of strong storms; Mother Nature to take Sunday night off

About 2 to 3 inches of rain drenched parts of central and southern Minnesota in bouts of storms Thursday night through Sunday morning. Here are the rainfall totals for the week ending Saturday morning.

Seven day rainfall ending Saturday morning.

As much as 3 inches of rain fell Saturday afternoon through Saturday night in central and southern Minnesota.

Rainfall estimated by radar Saturday through 1030 a.m. CDT Sunday. Source:NOAA/

When the precipitation amounts are tallied from Thursday through Sunday morning, some locations likely accumulated nearly 7 inches of rain. This may have a serious impact on emerging crops.

Rivers, creeks and streams are running high. Be cautious if you have activities today that border rapidly moving water.

Rockford, Minn., northwest of the Twin Cities, recorded 3.09 inches of rain in the past 24 hours.

Satellite image showing extensive cloud cover earlier this morning the wake of last night’s storms. The dimple in the cloud layer is interesting.  Source:NOAA/College of DuPage

Clouds have thinned nicely and sunshine is in store this afternoon for much of the state.  Clouds are likely to linger longer in the Arrowhead region.

Regional satellite from 1015 a.m. CDT. Source:NOAA/College of DuPage

The atmosphere has settled down from last night’s storms.  The forecast models and satellite imagery suggest that the next 24 hours should be rather quiet in Minnesota. Mother Nature is expected to take the night off, but she may bring on a fresh bout of strong storms to southern Minnesota on Monday afternoon and Monday night.

I’m looking forward to a night of sleep without the lightning and thunder.