Severe thunderstorms possible this morning in southern Minnesota

A cluster of showers and thunderstorms will move east across southern Minnesota this morning and into Wisconsin, northeast Iowa and northern Illinois.


Regional radar screen capture shortly after 6 a.m. CDT.

The Storm Prediction Center expects the possibility of tornadoes later today as the storms surge east and meet up with more unstable air.

updraft 222.gif

Potential for tornadoes from NOAA SPC.

Track storm reports from the NWS.

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Storms are forecast to exit eastern Minnesota later today. High temperatures will be in the 70s across much of the state today and Thursday.

Craig Edwards

  • Robert

    I’d love to experience that “light-shock” you were talking about earlier this week. Ironic that as I write this I just noticed that “SAD” or “seansonal affective disorder” is a formal category on the right side:)