Another round of heavy rain and potential for severe storms

A large part of southern Minnesota was drenched with rain and hammered with strong thunderstorms Friday afternoon and into the overnight hours.

Storm reports can be found here.

Visible satellite image from 1115 a.m. CDT showing clouds breaking up in South Dakota and western Minnesota. (Source:NOAA/Collegeof DuPage) A busy day is ahead with treacking developing storms.

The Storm Prediction Center’s latest forecast for severe storms has this threat of damaging winds for later Saturday into Saturday night.

Forecast for the potential for damaging winds issued late Saturday morning.

One of the growing concerns is the likelihood of heavy rainfall. Flash flooding may become a serious weather threat this evening in southern Minnesota.

Potential rainfall for Saturday and Sunday. Flash flooding is particularly dangerous after dark.

Here’s the map of heavy rainfall Thursday and Thursday night.

Soure:Midwest Regional Climate Center

Stay abreast of the forecast for any watches and warnings that may be issued for your location later today.

Lightning is a serious threat.  Don’t get caught far from an indoor shelter.