Weather Whiplash: 60s, frost, to near 90F ahead? Ice giving way up north

Weather Roller Coaster

All aboard!

Get ready for another ride on Minnesota’s favorite Midway attraction.

Our latest weather whiplash comes courtesy of a cold/warm front combo blasting through Minnesota in the span of 48 hours.

From frost to 80s in 2 days?

Only in Minnesota.

The good news?

I’d say there’s a 70% chance that the frosty nip Mother’s Day morning could be our last frost of the season in the metro.

It may finally be safe(er) top put in some annuals for those who are brave enough after Sunday morning.

I’m also tracking ice out in central Minnesota, and there is some progress to report. Things may be looking up on many lakes…and smaller bays of your favorite bigger lakes this weekend.

Shore lunch anyone?

Little darling

I feel that ice is slowly melting

Little darling

It seems like years since it’s been clear

-Here Comes The Sun – Beatles

467 ice out.png

Progress: Ice slowly giving way in central Minnesota

There is slow, but significant progress to report with ice out conditions in central Minnesota.

Some of the smaller lakes are now ice free.

Red Sand Lake, just west of Brainerd was ice free as of Wednesday. Big Stony Lake near Park Rapids was ice free Tuesday.

This is a good indication that may smaller and mid-sized lakes in central Minnesota may be ice free… just in time for the Minnesota Fishing Opener Saturday.

The bigger lakes like Mille Lacs, Gull, Leech and the Whitefish Chain may still have ice when the clock strikes midnight Saturday morning…but many of the smaller bays may be open by then.

Saturday gales may break up ice:

Stiff northwest gales with gusts to over 30mph may push the big ice sheets with enough force to break up some of the bigger lakes Saturday.

467 WindSpd23_minnesota.png

Don’t be surprised to see some good video this weekend of “ice drifts” getting shoved onto the southeast shores of big lakes like Mille lacs Saturday.

There is a decent chance that some of the big lakes could be partly…to mostly ice free by Sunday.

467 wxs.png

Weather Whipsawed: Frost to near 90F in 48 hours??

Saturday’s powerful cold front will give way to chilly high pressure by Sunday morning.

Frost is likely up north…and may dip into the Twin Cities metro early on Mother’s Day.

467 MinT3_minnesota.png

By Monday…an equally powerful warm front blasts in on gusty southwest winds.

467 metty.png

80s are likely the metro…and I won’t be shocked to see some temps at or near 90F in southern Minnesota & northern Iowa Tuesday afternoon.

From heat to AC in 48 hours?

Only in MInnesota.

Paul Huttner

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