MPR Weather Live Blog: Metro severe threat fades; Chance of rain overnight

NOAA has cancelled the tornado watch for the Twin Cities.

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect into Monday morning.

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  • JAP

    What is the expected verification rate of tornadoes vs. tornado warnings? Is it different in MN vs OK?

    I need to rant, I have no faith in Tornado Warnings issued by the NWS Minneapolis.

    There are a multitude of possible reasons for such poor success rate, including but not limited too, the system/criteria used, the application of resources and regional tendencies considered, and staffing. I love meteorologist, I have my degree, but if you put the best professionals in a bad system the results will still tend toward bad with relatively few triumphs. I am careful how I say this because it is my perception, not fact, that most MN tornadoes are no more severe or damaging than the much more common non tornadic wind event and thus having a unique identifier for them, that serves no other purpose than to generate media attention, ultimately is a waste of resources and facilitates apathy.

    In MN a majority of Tornado warnings issued would be well covered, and in my opinion would be treated better by, a Severe Thunderstorm warning until the preponderance of evidence indicates a truly life-threatening event in pending or occurring. The environmental conditions necessary for a storm with a weak TVS to become an intense life threatening tornado are rare in MN and when those conditions exist it is well known/diagnosed/predicted. I suggest that a standard be established to sound the sirens for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in every corner of the region of the warning. This is sufficient alerting for outdoor activities as well as stimulating the public awareness of the current weather conditions, and already contains the advisement that ‘small’ tornadoes are possible. Please don’t continue to succumb to the internal alarms that accompany the enhanced vision of the dual-polar dopler radar. Let the true Tornado warning be saved for the rare significant events in the realm of St. Peter. Let us insure the impact of a Tornado Warning remains significant, beneficial, and ultimately life saving. And yes, let it be a human decision to issue such a warning to other humans.

    Thank you.