Slow Motion Ice Avalanche: High winds push 5 to 20 foot Mille Lacs “ice drifts” ashore; Damaged boat houses & condos

This week I predicted “ice drifts” would come ashore on Mille Lacs with high winds Saturday.

I had no idea it would be this bad.

Sustained winds near 20 mph, with gusts to near 40 mph shoved an avalanche of ice from Lake Mille Lacs onshore Saturday.

Take a look at the incredible video at Izatys as the unstoppable “ice invasion” rolls ashore.

I have seen many things in 30 years of forecasting weather in Minnesota. I have never seen anything like this.

Maybe NWS will need to come up with a new type of “Damaging Lake Ice Invasion Warning” for future outbreaks.

Thankfully winds Sunday should be under 10mph and I don’t expect a repeat performance.

469 wind sun.png

But Monday winds will shift into the south and could gust over 20 mph at times. Persons on the north shore of Mille Lacs should be alert for possible “onshore ice floes” Monday.

Simply astonishing.

Paul Huttner

  • jan merten

    WELL, I guess Mark Dayton can think that while he is up there, he can visit these people that may need comforting, and hopefully he will lovingly know that God is in control. I really hope he reads the gospel, and know how important that those who are sensitive to the protection we kindle being a Judeo-Christian norm of a State, this will be removed as more and more laws rid the definition of our State laws that once defined Minnesota as God-fearing. By removing this in redefining an important institution as marriage, we will see events like the glacial ice incident, a irrational chastening that will be considered the new norm for a State that no longer fears God.

  • Matt

    Oh good god Jan. Stop trolling

  • Josh

    Let’s see which is the better explanation:

    A) The pressure from the high winds that day, which were aligned in the direction of motion of the ice current and which behaved according to knwon and verified physical laws.


    B) An invisible magic guy in the sky for whom there is no evidence, who also happens to be upset about having gay marriage despite the fact that for some reason he would seem to create plenty of gay people just so that he can judge them in his own wrathful yet omni-benevolent way.

    Please read up on Poe’s Law, jan.

  • Darrel

    Josh is awesome!

  • Scot

    What?! Jan isn’t trolling at all. She’s being biblical accurate in how she’s spreading the word of God. Remember that time in Exodus when Moses Tweeted to the Egyptians, “Let my ppl go or I’mma drop some frogs on ur dead 1st borns! #plagues”?

    Jan’s just tryin’ to keep it real by bringing the word of God to completely unrelated news stories. #WORD!

  • sue

    Jan – I have no idea how you can tie a unexplained weather event into the wrath of god.

    Using this logic, there would have to be an unexplained weather event occurring everything sometime “you” deem ungodly occurs.

    Who is in control then, Jan?


  • ben

    Jan you are insane

  • el jefe 612

    please don’t feed the trolls, people.

  • Guy

    Bwahahahahahahahaaaa …..You Minnesotans are so cute with your crazy Jan people and winter that goes into may. I can’t wait to get back for a visit. !

    You tell em Jan! Wait for the Mosquitos next month….what will that be a sign of? (Most will think June, but I look forward to Jan’s response)

  • Ex-Rochester

    I grew up in Minnesota, then moved to Alabama. It surprised me that in Alabama, where tornadoes are common, the locals thought that my suggestion that siren warnings would be good just showed I lacked faith, since obviously the tornadoes were directed by the hand of God. Prayer was the answer, not storm shelters and early warning. This persisted until one Easter morning, a great tornado hit a Baptist church while the service was going on, flattening it, wounding dozens as they prayed and killing the pastor’s little girl. After that public opinion shifted rapidly. Sirens and now all sorts of rapid telephonic warnings are now the expected norm….

    Jen, want to try handling rattlesnakes for demonstrating faith, like we do in East Tennessee? They keep the antitoxin in ERs around here, special for Sunday afternoon use, so it isn’t a REAL test, but in Minnesota, bet you could catch them unawares.

  • MK

    oh, trust me there IS evidence that God exists. You WILL see someday

  • Dennis

    Remember the first rule of the internet, don’t feed the trolls …

  • pauline

    people need to reverence God…God doesn’t like to be ignored by his creation….God is definitely in control….don’t doubt him even for a minute…..

  • jan

    Although I have with great sadness, read those who have affirmed my convictions of how they have no faith but science, I have noticed the strange price of gasoline matches the anger many seem to convey while doubting what I originally wrote above. Please believe Christ loves you, and died so we too can be restored to a new life. Just believe. I am praying for all here in Minnesota, and Gov. Mark Dayton who can help us with all these sudden disasters we have been encountering. Lets all pray for Minnesota. God will restore our State to a humble quiet place to visit.