Warmer days ahead: Tracking our spring warm up; Warm “Tax Day 2013?”

Red Numbers

I’m easily pleased and entertained.

Throw a few weather maps and graphics my way with cool patterns and pretty colors and I can amuse myself for hours.

One thing that been missing lately from the weather maps? The color red.

You don’t need a weatherman to know red means “warm” in weather.

I’m starting to see a lot more red on the weather maps over Minnesota in the next few weeks.

You’ll be feeling it.

For all the possible weather and climate angles today, there’s really only one question I’m getting from Minnesotans. When will spring weather….real spring weather arrive for good?

I may have some good news.

In this Updraft we track the warm up. Is the season’s 1st 60F day in sight? The first 70F?

430 ql2.PNG

All Uphill:

Or is it downhill?

Either way, we’re at rock bottom now for April, and for the rest of the season.

Monday’s high of 36F brought the 2nd coldest Twins Home Opener on record.

Tuesday morning’s metro temp near 20F (near 0F up north) will likely be the coldest until November.

By afternoon, temps near 39F, sunshine and light winds will be almost tolerable.

Then the warm up kicks in.

Temps warm to 50F by Wednesday, the lower 50s Thursday and Friday. If you believe the Euro…we could get closer to 60F in southern Minnesota by Saturday.

430 euro.PNG


Looking way out in the Weather Lab crystal ball, there is hope for much warmer air in Minnesota.

It’s too soon to put more than a little faith in these maps & numbers, but the overall pattern looks more favorable for the first sustained surge of springtime warmth in about 2 weeks.

With a “positive AO” pattern…the maps would seem to reflect bigger changes in overall circulation patterns in the northern hemisphere.

430 ao.PNG

430 cpc.PNG

That could allow a sustained southerly wind flow…

430 warm gfs.PNG

and the potential for 60s and even a few 70s in Minnesota by around April 15-17th.

430 16 day.PNG

This far out this is not really what I would call a credible “forecast.” More like an outlook….and hopefully not just a dreamy “wishcast.”

One thing is certain. The 70s will arrive…eventually.

A warm “Tax Day 2013?

We “earned” it this year.


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