June now; “Maypril” later; 30 degree temp crash ahead; 70s return next week

Atmospheric Speed Bumps

The road to spring this year is paved with atmospheric “speed bumps.” This one is a biggie.

Monday’s June preview was lovely. If only we can get “stick” this year. That may happen next week.

Tuesday brings another mild day early on, then a cold front will remind us it’s not June just yet.

Our weather patterns are “changeable” in the next 7 days. The overall trend is sharply colder, and yes you may need to find that jacket you put into storage for a few more days.

In this Updraft we track the incoming cold plunge, and talk about the potential for some heavy soaking rains…and snow flakes.

The good news? The 70s return next week.

460 wxs2.png

460 ql.png

June-Style Warm Front?

It’s an interesting weather set up for late April.

Can you feel the slight increase in humidity?

A June style warm front is pushing north. Temps will hold steady much of the night…and dew point “advection” is causing dew points to rise into the upper 50s in southern Minnesota.

Check out the GOES 1km visible satellite image from early Monday evening. I’ve overlaid the dew point lines (isodrosotherms) to show the incredible contrast between June like 50s in southeast Minnesota and wintery teens up north.

460 dew points.png

Warm fronts like to get active at night…and there is a slight chance we’ll see and hear a few scattered T-Storms pop up over southern Minnesota… and even in the metro overnight into Tuesday morning.

Tale of 2 seasons?

It feels and looks like spring in southern Minnesota now. But have you been to the been up the Gunflint Trail lately?

There is still deep snow…as much as 10″ to 20″ in the woods in northeast Minnesota above lake Superior and into the BWCA.

460 sd.png

Ice Out: “Latest” records falling

Lake Keller in St. Paul set the record for latest ice out Saturday. Calhoun in Minneapolis went out Sunday evening, tying the latest on record.

460 ice 22.png

More records will fall in the coming days. Get the latest from the MN DNR here.

I do think many lakes in northern Minnesota will still have ice as of late next week when the 2013 MN Fishing Opener rolls around. Check with your local resort about ice conditions if you are heading north.

Monday’s NASA MODIS Terra 1,000 meter shot over Minnesota clearly shows where snow and ice are history…and the still frozen big lakes up north with deep snow cover in the forests.

460 modis.png

Next Up: Temperature roller coaster

Tuesday starts mild….then features a powerful cold front that will drop temps 30 degrees in the next few days.

460 met tmp.png

S….snow too?

Okay don’t freak… don’t go on me.

But there will be enough cold air….and enough moisture to produce some snow flakes in Minnesota this week. It’s juts a question fo where & how much.

The models are all over the place, but most suggest at least the potential for a brief slushy coating on newly exposed lawns.

460 met snow.png

The Euro continues to be the most aggressive (and irritating) on snow potential.

460 e2.png

From snow to 70s to snow in the span of just over a week?

Welcome to Minnesota.

Stay tuned as we see what reality brings this week.

Don’t Panic: 70s return next week

All indications are the 70s will return next week…and the Fishing Opener may trend midler by the weekend of May 11th.

460 16 day 2.png


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