Sun splashed today; Twin Clippers; Growing signs of heavier snow Monday

Soaking it in

Just what the weather doctor ordered, another sunny day.

I don’t know about you, but my sprits soared a little with Tuesday’s sunshine.

Today will bring bright sun and light winds. It may almost feel pleasant out there by afternoon. We’re still running cool for this time of year, but at least the sun out. It’s like a visit from a long lost welcome friend.

Our average high at MSP hits 40F today. Another sign that spring will eventually come.

In Updraft today I’m tracking a couple of weak Clippers late tonight and Friday. I’m also keeping an eye on what looks like a potentially bigger snow event Sunday night & Monday. Another storm late next week could be warm enough for more rain.

A good sign for easing drought? Short term pain for long term gain?

I know we could all use a dose of spring like weather. After a promising looking forecast a week ago all major models did a flip flop in the past week and seem to favor continued cooler and wetter than average weather through most of March.

Hang in there; I’ve seen spring milder spring weather patterns develop quickly as upper air pattern can change quickly this time of year. I’ll be watching for that in the coming days and weeks.

In the mean time, I think I’ll just soak up the sun today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

416 sunny am.jpgSun Soaked:

It’s nice to see a “clean” sunrise at the Weather Lab this morning.

It’s hard to see it in our current weather pattern, but spring really is getting closer everyday. A week from today at noon the sun will be 45 degrees above the southern horizon, on the Spring (Vernal) Equinox.

116 equinox.png

That’s significant, because the higher sun angle and increase in solar energy cannot be denied for much longer. We’re bound to get some milder temps in here in the next few weeks.

That bit of optimism aside, you have to wonder if this is the year the Twins could see some early April snow at Target Field. Is it too late to add the retractable roof?

We have been very fortunate to have great early season “baseball weather” the past few years.

417 Twins Snowman.jpg

Coupla Messy Clippers?

After today’s sunshine, I’m tracking 2 separate Clipper systems that will sail through Minnesota. A more signifcant snowfall may arrive Monday.

416 met snow.PNG

The first comes late tonight after midnight, and may affect AM rush as it tapers off Thursday.

Snow develops in western Minnesota this evening, and moves into the Metro and Duluth after midnight. Some freezing rain may mix in at times, and snowfall totals should be under 1″ in most areas…just enough to gum up Thursday AM rush in spots.

The snow will end from west to east Thursday morning, and the sun will return Thursday PM. With highs in the upper 30s, it may actually feel pretty good out there tomorrow afternoon.

Clipper #2 Friday: A little stronger?

Friday’s clipper will be a little stronger, especially for the northern half of Minnesota.

The Metro will hug the freezing line, meaning a mixed bag of ice sleet, rain and snow will fall. With temps just above freezing in the lowest mile, it may be tough to get more than a slushy accumulation in the metro, but northern Minnesota could pick up some 3″ to 6″ snowfall totals from both systems by Friday evening.

416 nam snow.PNG

Weekend Chill:

The weekend looks generally dry, but colder.

Look for highs in the 20s and lows in the teens south…and single digits to near zero north.

416 sun max.png

Sunday Night & Monday: Bigger snow potential

All major models (Euro, GFS, Canadian) strongly suggest big snow potential Sunday night & Monday.

It’s still almost 5 days out…but it looks likely that a storm will track this way. The only questions seem to be specific storm tracks and snowfall output.

416 euro2.PNG

Yes the models are cranking out some 6″+ snowfall potential, but as we learned with the “No-Quester” for Washington D.C. last week…and countless other would be “Snowmagedddons” systems, things can change with time

Given that there is still forecast uncertainty…this system does look rater promising as a “plowable” snow event at this point.

And I was so happy my roof is finally snow free!

Stay tuned.


Our parade of storms that started in February shows no signs of letting up just yet.

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