More like spring, as temperatures tumble Sunday

Sunshine and light winds combined to make it a feel-good day on Wednesday. Let’s repeat that formula one more day!


There looks to be a better opportunity to reach the lower 50s in southern Minnesota on Friday as a push of milder air gains a little more momentum in the Central Plains.


A convergence of winds in the mid atmosphere on Friday night and Saturday will result in the development of precipitation. Some of the pecipitation could fall as sleet/freezing rain and snow in northeast Minnesota late Friday night.

The forecast from the NAM delivers a quarter inch or more of liquid precipitation from 1 a.m. CDT Saturday to 7 a.m. CDT on Saturday.


The NWS forecast from the Duluth office has the details:

Friday Night: A chance of rain or freezing rain after 1a.m.. Low around 29 degrees. Southwest wind around 5 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30 percent.

Saturday: A chance of rain and snow before 10 a.m., then a chance of rain. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 46 degrees. Southwest wind 5-10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30 percent.

Precipitation continues to track east on Saturday. The most likely time period for rain in eastern Minnesota comes Saturday morning.


Meteorologists from NOAA NCEP have integrated their talent with the model data and delivered this forecast for liquid precipitation amounts on Saturday.


A change in the wind ushers in colder air on Easter Sunday. Tempeatures remain steady or fall slightly in the afternoon.


A chilly wind stirs up the hot dog wrappers at Target Field on Monday afternoon.


Wind direction, speed in knots. A knot is about 1.2 mph. The long wind barbs are 10 knots. Half a barb is 5 knots.

Expect winds to gust up to 25 mph on Monday afternoon.

Enjoy the next couple of days.

Craig Edwards

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