Worst of Winter’s cold behind us; Clipper parade; Tracking a thaw next week

Updraft Preview:

In this edition of Updraft we postulate that the worst of winter cold is now likely behind us. Is -13F all this winter’s got for MSP? We’re tracking a Clipper Parade that brings us several bouts of light snow through Monday. And, there’s hope for a thaw next week.

Winter’s coldest? -13F at MSP Airport Friday morning was probably the coldest we’ll see this winter

Clipper Parade: 2″ to 5″ snowfall totals possible by Tuesday with a series of 4 separate Alberta Clippers

Tracking the thaw: 30s possible next week

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-13F: Winter’s coldest at MSP?


You’ve probably just endured the coldest morning of the winter season in the Twin Cities.

-13F may not be like to “glory days” of the Arctic ’70s in Minnesota, but it will get your attention…and test any weakness in your car’s battery.

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It’s all uphill from here…as temps gradually recover into the teens this weekend.

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I-94 Clipper Parade: “Champagne Powder” on the way

The jet stream is the river of air that steers storms, and it’s finally setting up right over Minnesota.

285 wxs.png

Our “northwest flow” means a series of Clippers is on the way. I count 4 separate system that will race down I-94 and sail overhead through Monday night.

Here’s the best “guesstiame” on timing & totals.

#1 Friday night: Quick hitter with a coating to up to 1″+ in some areas. Metro snow tapers by 9-10 pm.

#2) Saturday PM & Saturday night: Slightly stronger and may procuse a coating to as much as 1″ to 2″ depending on location.

Sunday night: 1″ to 3″?

Monday PM & night: Strongest of the 4 systems. Has the potential to produce 1″ to 3″+ in some areas.

285 clipper parade.PNG

In total, the 4 systems are capable of delivering snowfall totals of between 2″ and 5″+ in a swath centered along the I-94 corridor from Fargo to The Twin Cities and beyond.

285 earl.PNG

These will be relatively dry snows…”high quality snow flakes” with snow to water ratios in the 15:1 range or higher. Cross country skiers and snowmobilers may appreciate the new “Champagne Powder” that will fall from the cold air mass.

Enjoy the fresh looking winter landscape this weekend!

Tracking the thaw: 30s next week?

Milder Pacific breeze may blow in Minnesota next week.


Okay…maybe not that mild.

At this point 30s look likely for the metro and southern Minnesota by mid-week. The Euro has some “red numbers” for next week.

285 euro.PNG

The GFS cranked out 40F for the metro next Friday. I don’t know if we’ll get quite that warm…but I won’t be shocked to see 40F (above zero) somewhere in southern Minnesota next week.

285 metty.PNG

Stay tuned!


  • Sarah

    We definitely had more than 1″ from yesterday’s clipper in south Minneapolis. More like2 to 2.5″!

  • BC

    The snow on the trails at Elm Creek Park Reserve this morning was glorious. Seriously the best skiing conditions I’ve seen in years this morning (Saturday). Perfectly groomed trails. Get out there!

  • Ian

    Sarah, I agree! I live in south MInneapolis, and I shoveled about 2 inches, and then another inch or so fell in the hours after that. I think the airport always lowballs their snowfall totals.