MPR Weather Live Blog: Snow totals from Friday’s system

Snow continues today in our February Snow Blitz. Winter Weather Advisories are in effect through today including the metro.

400 adv.PNG

This system is cold, and that makes for an “efficient” snow producer.

Overall I expect numerous 3″ to 6″ snowfall totals in the metro by late Friday night.

-Track the snow with the latest Twin Cities radar loop

Here are the latest snow totals, advisories as they roll in along with tweets from the MPR Weather Lab below.

  • Rich

    Paul: a curiosity question. Which of the midwest areas that just received snow have unfrozen (or shallow frozen) ground that might more immediately benefit from melting?

  • Eric

    Why does it seem our system for snow removal is a bit slow to clear roads? I just don’t see many snow plows running early in the morning of a predicted snowy day.

  • bob

    I am more than sick of being entombed by cold and snow.

    My motorcycle is also very forlorn.

    Please cast your extended forecast chicken entrails and tell me they augur good news about significantly warmer weather arriving soon.