-45F in northern Canada; Sub-zero invasion begins Saturday night

-45.6F at Baker Lake, Nunavut in northern Canada within the past 24 hours

265 baker climo.PNG

Image: Environment Canada

Temperature roller coaster ahead through Saturday

Siberian Express arrives in Minnesota Saturday night

Sub-zero Monday? Temps may not climb above zero next Monday in the metro and most of Minnesota

Coldest day in 4 years possible for the metro next Monday with a high temp near -4F

4 to 5 sub-zero mornings? looking more likely from Sunday through Thursday of next week

-15F GFS model forecast low temp in the metro next Monday

-16.6F Euro model forecast for MSP next Tuesday morning

-30F to -35F likely in northern Minnesota early next week

5:00pm Sunset in the metro tomorrow

+ 30 minutes we’ve gained a full half hour of evening daylight since mid-December!

“If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.”attributed to Mark Twain

265 ql.PNG

Riding the weather roller coaster:

There are numerous weather quotes attributed to Mark Twain that he may or may not have uttered. One thing is certain. He was an astute observer of weather. He also probably would have something “precious” to say about Minnesota’s forecast for the next few days.

You may have a few other choice words to utter by Sunday.

Temps began rising before sunrise today as a “Krylon Clipper” put down a fine spray coating of snow as it sailed through Minnesota.

We peak in the lower 30s this morning…before temps tumble back through the 20s this afternoon on the next puff of advancing arctic air tonight.

265 wxs.png

After a run another run toward zero by Thursday morning…temps rebound into the 30s again Friday & Saturday.

265 metty.PNG

Enjoy the temporary thaw.

Siberian Express: Coldest air in 4 years rolls in Sunday

I’ve been tracking the cold now as it builds over central Canada for two weeks.

Temps have been running as cold as -45F near the core of the arctic air mass up north. Think it gets cold in Minnesota? Check out the conditions and forecast at Baker Lake from Environment Canada.

228 baker lake.PNG

Image: Environment Canada

It still looks like the mother lode is coming down as the arctic front sails south through Minnesota Saturday.

By Sunday morning, most of Minnesota should be firmly in the grasp of sub-zero temps.

Northern Minnesota could see 3-5 days below zero…from Sunday to Thursday of next week. The metro may struggle above zero most days…but temps may no reach zero Monday for the 1st time in 4 years.

265 MinT6_uppermissvly.png

Right now I can see at least 36-42 consecutive hours below zero in the Twin Cities…from about midnight Monday until 6am to noon Tuesday. It appears we dip below zero again Tuesday, Wednesday and probably Thursday morning before temps moderate back into the 20s by Friday of next week.

The European model is trending slightly colder than the GFS. The latest Euro runs forecast temps to stay below zero both Monday and Tuesday.

265 euro.PNG

Image: Norwegian Met Institute

This will be a respectable, attention getting cold wave.

Brighter Days:

One positive sign that can boost our spirits this time of year is the noticeable increase in daylight.

We’re now gaining almost 2 minutes of additional daylight each day. Since mid-December… we will have tacked on a full 30 minutes of additional evening daylight by this weekend.

With a 5:00 pm sunset time starting tomorrow, it’s now noticeably light in the western sky on clear evenings until after 5:30pm.

The drive home is brighter.

265 sunset.PNG

Image: sunrisesunset.com

Pond Hockey anyone?

The lack of snow is tough for snow lovers. It’s sad to see the John Beargrease Sled Dog Race along the North Shore moved to March this year for lack of snowfall. I’ll kick the weather lab doppler a few times to see if we can gin up some snow between now and then…but I don’t see any big storms yet.

One of the great things about the cold…and lack of snow is that it’s been a great winter for making ice on area lakes. Ice conditions appear to be the best in years. A “quality” freeze up and last week’s thaw and refreeze has created “frozen glass” on many area lakes.

262 Harriet tundra.jpg

Frozen glass on Lake Harriet

Image: Tate Weston

The puck drops on two pond hockey tournaments in the Twin Cities in the next 2 weekends.

The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships kick off this weekend on Lake Nokomis.

The North American Pond Hockey Championships face off next Friday January 25th on Lake Minnetonka in Excelsior.

If you love hockey the way it used to be played…on the frozen pond you should check these classic outdoor Minnesota events out. It’s a great atmosphere and events for all run into the evening.

With the Arctic blast coming mostly in between the 2 events…the forecast could work out favorably for both tournaments.

Let’s see…a little pond hockey, and the highly ranked Gophers and Wild both play this weekend?

Somebody pinch me…I must be in hockey heaven.


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