Potential for overnight snowfall in northeast Minnesota

If you were writing a letter this weekend you would not have had much to share with regard to Minnesotan’s favorite subject. Overall the weather was pretty drab.

There was some rainfall in southwest Minnesota yesterday, mainly southwest of the Minnesota River. Sioux Falls tallied a little more than a tenth of an inch. The amount of moisture in the Twin Cities metro was barely enough to measure.

Tonight brings a good chance for a mixture of rain and snow across central and northern Minnesota. Most of the precipitation is expected to fall from midnight to daybreak.


Breezy for Election Day

Brisk northwest winds will sweep into the western Minnesota Tuesday morning. Election day weather should be mostly dry but breezy, with temperatures on the chilly side.


Winds at noon CST on Tuesday. Source: NOAA/NWS

The bigger weather story we will be monitoring this week is the development of another strong low pressure system off the east coast on Wednesday. The models are strengthening this storm center as it skirts the seaboard Wednesday night and Thursday. Wind-whipped rain is likely in the hardest hit areas of New York from last week’s hurricane.


Surface pressure for 7 a.m. EST Thursday.

This five day precipitation potential was posted by NOAA’s Prediction Center on Sunday afternoon:


The forces of nature look to jet friskily toward the weekend in the central U.S. We’ll be tracking the birth of a storm center on Friday and the impact it might have on the upper Midwest on the weekend. For now, it appears that there will be a surge of much warmer air from Iowa into southern Minnesota to induce thunderstorms on Saturday. More on this as the week progresses.


6 a.m. CST Saturday. Surface forecast chart. Source:NOAA

Craig Edwards

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