Eye on the weekend; Kuehnast Lecture today

47 degrees for the high temperature in the Twin Cities on Wednesday.

53 degrees forecast in Minneapolis/St. Paul today. The first temperature of 50 or greater this month.

60 degrees for Eden Prairie, MN on Saturday.

Nasty weather in the Northeast US will linger for one more day from Boston, MA to Maine.

Check out the storm reports with this last nor’easter. Click here.

National surface pressure and temperature map. Forecast from GFS model valid at 1 p.m. EST today.



Note the low pressure system off the northeast coast of the US continuiing to weaken. You can also see the cool air pooling in western Canada and the milder air in the southern Plains. A combination of air masses that is likely to trigger some weather in the middle of the country as we head toward the weekend.

Maximun temperatures forecast for Saturday afternoon from the National Weather Service. A storm center churns through central Minnesota during the day. Wintry weather could impact far northwest Minnesota and eastern North Dakota.


High temperatures climb into the lower 60s close to the Twin Cities.


Potential for severe storms on Saturday is currently expected to remain south of Minnesota.

When strong storms wrap up in the southern Plains and track toward the northeast a dry slot often forms, due to the strong jet stream maximum and the dynamics in the atmosphere. Thunderstorms are likely to be concentrated southeast of Minnesota with a cold rain changing to snow in northwest Minnesota. The Twin Cities may not accumulate significant precipitation from this late autumn weather maker.


Five day precipitation accumulation ending at 6 a.m. CST Tuesday. Source:NOAA NCEP/HPC

This is Winter Hazard Awareness week in Minnesota. The National Weather Serivce in partnership with Minnesota’s Public Safety Department has posted detailed information on educating you for enjoying winter weather and staying safe as well. Click here for Winter Safety and awareness.

One of the graphics on this link is the average annual snowfall for Minnesota. It’s shown here.


Source:Minnesota Sate Climate Office

You can see the graphic of last year’s snowfall by going to the link listed above. I’m thinking we’ll see more snow than last season.

Annual Kuehnast Lecture today

Dr. Seeley and the State Climate Office will host a wonderful educational seminar on climate change that begins at 1 p.m.

Click here for details on the Kuehnast Lecture. You can see a speaker bio and abstract on each of the three presentations by clicking on the preview.

Enjoy the day and get ready for a cool down Sunday and Monday.

Craig Edwards

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    Live stream of the Kuehnast Lectures at the provided link is great!