72F: State record warmth Wednesday; Thanksgiving Day reality check – cold & snow

72F = All time MN state record high temp for November 21st at New Ulm, Owatonna, Waseca, Fairmont, & Winnebago

Last of the 70s Wednesday was likely “it” for 70s in 2012

Thanksgiving Day “reality check” on the way windy & much colder with snow north

Winter travel conditions Snow+wind+cold generally north of a Fargo-St. Cloud-Hinckley line Thursday PM & night

2″ to 5″ snowfall possible by Friday morning north of a Fargo to Hinckley line

Light snowy coating in metro possible by “Black Friday” AM

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All time state records tumble Wednesday:

Wednesday’s unseasonable warmth reached record levels in southern Minnesota.

179 70s.gif

New Ulm, Waseca, Owatonna, Fairmont and Winnebago all hit 72F Wednesday afternoon.

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Mark Seeley sends along this note to All Things Considered Host Tom Crann and myself highlighting the all time State of Minnesota records for November 21st.

Tom and Paul,

You are probably already aware of this, but among the many record high temperatures set today, New Ulm, Waseca, Owatonna, Fairmont, and Winnebago all hit 72 degrees F tying the all-time state record for November 21st (at Tracy in 1962).


The Twin Cities Airport topped out at 61F at 3:27pm Wednesday; just 6 degrees shy of the record.

The 70 degree readings we saw Wednesday will likely be the last 70s of 2012 in Minnesota.


Thanksgiving Day reality check: Snow up north

In addition to a rapidly expanding waistline, you’ll feel the colder winds by Thanksgiving day afternoon and evening this year in Minnesota.

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Low pressure will drag a strong cold front through Minnesota, and snow will bust out mainly north of St. Cloud.

Winter Storm Watches and advisories are flying up north, so be aware that travel conditions will be very different by Thursday evening in central and northern Minnesota.

179 gfk.PNG179 dlh.PNG

Right now I’m leaning toward a general area of 2″ to 5″ snowfall north of a fargo to Hinckley line, with plenty of wind and rapidly falling temps Thursday night.

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***Prepare for wintery travel conditions Thursday night & Friday AM up north!

Craig Edwards will be keeping an eye on things Thanksgiving Day and Friday, so check back for updates on the snow potential up north.

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We have so much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving in Minnesota and here at the Weather Lab. Working alongside top weather pros Craig Edwards, Mark Seeley & Bill Endersen is about as good as it gets in the weather biz.

Thank you for all your support for MPR Weather and the kind comments you send along all year!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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