Out east: Wind and water on the way

This morning Sandy remains a minimal hurricane based on wind speed — maximum sustained winds of 75 mph — but a very, very large storm. NOAA’s visible satellite photo shows convection clustered near the center while stormy bands sweep across the Outer Banks as the storm stretches from the coastal Carolinas almost to Bermuda:

Sandy vis sat Sunday AM.jpg

Little change in intensity is expected today.

Sandy is about 260 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., and is moving northeast at 10 mph, parallel to the coast.

No significant changes were made to the forecast track. The National Hurricane Center still expects Sandy to make a hard left turn to the west on Monday and punch into New Jersey on Monday night:

Sandy track Sunday AM.gif

While the effects of this massive storm will range from the Carolinas to Maine and far inland, some of the worst coastal flooding is likely to be north of the landfall center. That’s where the storm surge boosted by the high tide is likely to reach 5 to 10 feet. Add breaking waves 15 to 20 feet high on top of that surge and severe coastal problems are likely. New Jersey, New York City and Long Island appear to be in the bull’s-eye.

Widespread flooding rain will continue after landfall. Here’s the National Hurricane Center’s five-day rainfall forecast:

Sandy Rainfall_Days_1-5 large.gif

Amounts approaching 10 inches are forecast from Maryland and Delaware into New Jersey, and isolated amounts could be significantly higher.

Power failures caused by toppled trees and power lines are likely to be so widespread that electric utilities will have difficulty calling in crews from other areas to help, so storm recovery is likely to be slow. Residents in advised areas are being encouraged to complete preparations, including stocking food, water and flashlights, today.

Bill Endersen

  • John Fixsen

    Lord Jesus,

    You spoke and calmed the sea

    “Peace, be still.” you said. And it was so.

    Today Jesus, give that storm a right hook and let it dissipate in the Atlantic. Spare the people along the coast there. Grant mercy I pray, in your mighty name.