Wetter week ahead; Up to 1″ rain? Temps crash by Thursday

Rain & thunder – radars in Iowa & SE MN lighting up today

1″+ rainfall totals in Iowa so far today

.50″ to 1″ rainfall at MSP Wednesday night & Thursday?

135 ql.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

-Latest La Crosse radar loop

71 degrees High temp at MSP Sunday

56 degrees average high for October 21st

+15 degrees vs. average Sunday

30 degrees colder by Friday

-1.5 degrees vs. average so far in October at MSP Airport

16 months since we’ve recorded a cooler than average month in Minnesota

135 wxs.png

Source: Twin Cities NWS

Radars aglow with…rain?

Pretty colors on the radar. What a concept.

A vigorous upper air disturbance is setting off a nice cluster of rain & thunder in eastern Iowa and Wisconsin today. The system has produced widespread soaking rains in Iowa, with totals over an inch according to doppler storm total rainfall displays.

135 IA STP.gif

The system will clip southeastern Minnesota with some nice soaking rains…and graze the Twin Cities with a few showers today.

The NAM and GFS keep most of the heaviest soaking rains well south & east of the Twin Cities…where up to 1″ will fall in southeast Minnesota, eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.

135 qpf.PNG


A few scattered showers will brush the metro today. A clap or two of thunder is likely in southeast Minnesota…and not out of the question in especially the southeast metro.

Better soaking Wednesday night & Thursday?

Wave #1 sails through today, then a warm front pushes north tomorrow PM.

Skies may actually clear for some late PM sunny peeks tomorrow…and temps may push 70 in southern Minnesota.

The nest wave sails in Wednesday into Thursday…and this one could be more productive for the metro and most of Minnesota.

135 metty.PNG

Several models crank out at least .50″ rainfall by late Thursday…with up to 1″ possible. Weather fingers and toes crossed.

Temps crash Thursday: Big league cold front

Our Indian Summer 2012 comes to an abrupt halt Thursday as a strong cold front pushes south.

Temps will fall through the 40s Thursday…and highs may not crack 45 through the upcoming weekend. Saturday looks like the coldest day, with 20s in the AM and a high near 39 in the metro.

135 temps.PNG

Source: NOAA via Iowa State University

Shut your hose spigots off this week or you may be in for a nasty surprise by this weekend.

Let’s hope the rain spigot is on for the metro by Thursday….our landscape needs a drink.


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