Frosty Friday: Best weekend of fall 2012? Fall colors ripening

Frosty Friday AM in much of north & central Minnesota

30s Friday morning as far south as the extreme northern metro!

Sunshine & milder temps ahead for this weekend

80s return to metro & southern Minnesota both Saturday & Sunday

110 ql.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS

25% to 50% fall colors now popping in several Minnesota locations

Frosty Friday AM; From AC to heat in 60 hours

Even when it was 95 on Tuesday in the metro, you knew the proverbial “other shoe” was about to drop. This is mid- September after all.

The thud you hear Friday morning is the sound of neglected weather words hitting the wall. “Frost” “furnace” and other terms waiting to be resurrected again will get their chance soon enough.

30s blanket northern Minnesota Friday morning, and frost may spill as far south as the northern metro exurbs.

110 dlh lows.png

Source: Duluth NWS

It will be the coldest mornings in many locations since late May…about 4 months ago.

Frosty spruce 2.jpg

Photo: Paul Huttner- MPR News

Right on schedule:

In case you’re wondering, frost and readings near 32 degrees are pretty common in northern Minnesota in mid-September.

110 ffdated.PNG

The urban heat island effect fends off the average 1st frost for MSP Airport until October 7th. But unprotected Cambridge in the far north metro averages 32 by September 24th.

110 frost dates.PNG

Source: MN Climate Working Group

Last year MSP Airport dipped to 36 degrees on September 15th…but evaded an official 32 degree low until October 21st!

Best weekend of Fall 2012 ahead?

Lazy high pressure drifts overhead this weekend. That means plenty of sunshine and dry air that will heat and cool quickly.

Translation? Clear cool nights, and sunny warmer afternoons.

A southerly breeze returns, and temps should top 80 this weekend from the metro south. Northern Minnesota will warm into the 60s, but may crack 70 by Sunday everywhere away from lake Superior.

By most measures, this might be the nicest weekend of the fall in Minnesota this year. One more beach & boat day on Sunday? Done deal.

Fall Color Update: Colors popping now

This week’s fall color update shows some pockets of 25% to 50% color now in Minnesota.

110 fcr.PNG

Source: MN DNR

North Shore bound:

The Weather Lab is mobile this weekend along the North Shore. I’ll be doing live weather hits from the North Shore Thursday & Friday at 5:48pm on All Things Considered with Tom Crann. (Steven John is sitting in for TC this week)

110 atc.PNG

There are some great events to soak in along The North Shore this weekend.

110 nhms.PNG

Check out the North House Folk School’s “Unplugged” event this weekend in Grand Marais. Numerous high end music acts will be performing along the shores of Lake Superior.

If curling is your thing, check out the Two Harbors Curling Club golf & dance outing on Saturday. This is a benefit for the Two Harbors Curling Club.

110 thcc.PNG

Rumor has it that a really good and long time North Shore favorite band…The Blues Allegations will be rocking the house Saturday night. You may even run into a stray weatherman along the way.

This will be a nice early season weekend for leaf peepers, while summer like weather hangs on for one more trip to the lake or the golf course….so get out there and enjoy!


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