Fall Preview: Coolest since May; Spotty showers; 60s Friday; Fall color update

Spotty showers in the metro and much of Minnesota through Friday AM

-Latest Twin Cities radar loop

Strongest cold front since May much cooler air mass pushing in Friday

Highs in the 60s Friday in most of Minnesota

66 degrees on May 31st – last day with a high in the 60s at MSP Airport

70s and plenty of sunshine return for a great weekend!

Quick look forecast: What you can expect in the metro through this weekend

105 qll.PNG

Source: Twin Cities NWS-Chanhassen

Duluth and the North Shore:

105 dlh ql.PNG

Source: Duluth NWS

105 nwsx.png

Source: Twin Cities NWS

September finally arrives:

It’s about time.

After what seems like the longest summer on record, September-like weather is finally here.

Friday’s cold front is the real thing. The strongest since May, temperatures will struggle to climb into the upper 60s Friday in most of Minnesota.

105 MaxT2_minnesota.png

Source: NOAA

The frontal system features spotty showers with generally light rain totals under .25″, but sunshine will increase again by Friday afternoon.

In case you’re wondering or have almost all reasonable perspective, the average high/low for the metro these days is 75/56. So we’ll finally see a cooler than average day on Friday.

Weekend Outlook: 5 of 5 stars?

A cool fresh northwest breeze Friday will give way to lighter winds, and milder temps this weekend.

This will be one of those classic Minnesota September weekends. Sunny skies, light winds, mostly glassy lakes…and maybe the sounds of a football game drifting through the air from a TV or radio turned way up.

Unused words like “crisp” may actually work their way into weather babble by Saturday morning. The metro may dip into the upper 40s early Saturday for the first time in over 3 months. Upper 30s and a touch of light frost may greet campers in the BWCA this weekend.

105 MinT2_minnesota.png

Source: NOAA

There’s nothing quite like a hint of fog rising from a still warm lake on a cool September morning in the BWCA.


Lake Insula morning in the BWCA

Photo: Paul Huttner-MPR News

Tis the season.

Fall Color: Early peak this year?

There are some indications that our annual fall color show may reach peak early this year. An early start, long summer and drought in some areas may put on an early show.

We’re already seeing splashes of color according to reports streaming into the Minnesota DNR.

105 fall color.PNG

Source: MN DNR

Conditions that have an effect on fall colors

Fall colors vary from year to year and place to place for several reasons.

■Weather is most critical in determining the colors displayed each fall.

■Colors are best when high quality foliage – a product of a warm, moist summer – is exposed to sunny, cool fall days.

■Light frosts may also help, but hard freezes can ruin the display.

■Physiological stresses placed on trees can impact fall colors.

■Cool, wet summers can cause premature displays of color.

■A mild summer drought may actually increase the display, but severe drought usually dulls colors noticeably.

■In some cases, foliage may die early and turn straw-colored due to a lack of water.

■Because it is too dry to produce the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges, the severe summer drought will create a landscape filled with the subtler colors of tans, bronzes and auburns.

Jana Albers, DNR Forest health specialist, Grand Rapids

Typical “peak” fall color is subjective, but is probably still 2-4 weeks away in most areas.

105 fc peak.PNG

Source: MN DNR

No matter what your definition of “peak” color is…we’re now entering the best time of year to enjoy Minnesota’s colorful and rapidly changing landscape.



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